"As the global technology revolutions in info, nano, bio, socio/cogno, robo and clean energy accelerate; so to does 'Nation Building' among even the smallest of countries because many of these technological advances are very scalable...both up and down."

Lynwood S. Bell, "veteran ambassadorial activist for Anguilla, British West Indies"

Entrepreneurs in these revolutions must determine their Critical Success Factors. Among these will, of course, be: profits, share value, customer-employee-supplier satisfaction, etc.   Determining these is the easy part.

The tougher part is trying to determine what activities and tasks will "COUNT" most toward achieving and optimizing those success factors. History abounds with those who got it wrong or did not change quickly enough. Kodak and Blockbusters are old examples. Many others have not recognized the impact of globalization... in terms of both opportunities and competitive threats.  

What if...for little cost and effort you could:

  • Have your international tax neutral business structure operating immediately
  • Have your product tried and tested by a country cohort of as many as 10,000 residents.
  • Obtain new or special legislation or approval (if needed) quickly and efficiently without entrenchedd lobbyists.
  • Reference your product or service being used by many - businesses - homes - schools or laptops in the country
  • List your company on an international exchange and be raising public funds  in less than three months
  • Initiate crowdsourcing, crowdfinancing, crowdfunding with existing liberal legislatioin
  • Eliminate ~20-30% corporate income tax on all your international business

If any or all of the above suggestions would "COUNT" toward your critcal success factors, we would like to explain how you can also become a part of the "Nation Building" of our British Overseas country, Anguilla.